Products and Services

The status of Mytilineos SA today is the culmination of 90 years of proactive development, covering the entire spectrum of graphic arts with high quality products and services in creative design, printing and bookbinding. Our philosophy is to leave nothing to chance, no matter how demanding the job we have been asked to do.


Our competitive advantage arises from our value-for-money approach, since we offer the lowest prices on the market for our products and services combined with uncompromising high quality, which is our primary concern. This is achieved by our dedication to our work and the daily challenge of meeting the deadlines we set for ourselves.


We believe that excellent quality results with minimum delivery times is the best advertising for our work. That’s why clients, whether individuals or businesses, who have cooperated with us once, remain our loyal customers forever.

Design, editing and production of printed advertising material. Prospectuses, brochures
and all kinds of forms, folders, dossiers, etc.

Design, layout and production of publications, reports, books, medical bulletins, newspapers.

Design and production of logos, corporate identity, and application and printing on all types
of printed materials, cards, invoices etc.

Together we’ll create a unique image for your products. An image so powerful that it will
immediately attract your customers’ attention. Together we will design strategies to define what
the image should be, what it represents, why your product can make your customers’ lives better,
with a view to creating lasting relationships over time.

Design, production, printing, cutting and finishing of packaging boxes, aimed at the competitive
market positioning of your product, with solutions created by experienced designers and box
makers. This can be combined with design and production of sheet or roll labels, or can be done separately. We offer integrated solutions for all your product needs.

No job is too big for our ultra-modern digital printing machines. Just ask for a quote, even for the
smallest quantities.

Lamination, spot UV, thermal printing, embossing, bookbinding, spiral binding and cutting are
among the finishing treatments for printed material that we can provide.

Creation and design of magazine advertisements, sales promotion campaigns, direct marketing, communications advice, digital marketing.

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