Services – Integrated Print Production Facility

Services – Integrated Print Production Facility

For us at Mytilineos SA, autonomy is an important aspect of our work. This is why we have made sure to furnish our facilities with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, in which we continue to invest regularly, so that we can satisfy even the most demanding orders without sacrificing quality or execution time.

At Mytilineos SA, we not only invest in high technology but also in people. People are for us the face and the heart of our business, allowing us to develop honest relationships with our clients and a drive to achieve the best possible results.


Sales & Marketing Department

Someone is always here for you. Whatever you may need, throughout our collaboration, this department will always be at your disposal.


Costing Department

This department is very different compared to other companies. We do not believe in compartmentalising creation, so we do not work that way. Based on predefined specifications, and always in consultation with our sales staff, we consider the cost factors individually in relation to each customer’s differing needs. Ask for a quote at:


Creative Department

If you want your work to stand out, go to an expert. The Creative Department at Mytilineos SA. Experience, imagination and originality combine to offer you that additional touch which your product deserves. Our creative department also has an electronic editing and CTP team for the most sophisticated jobs.


Production and Bookbinding Department

This department has a leading role in our company. This is where the magic happens! Production and printing. This is the department where all your ideas take shape. In order to live up to your expectations, we have secured fully autonomy in terms of equipment with proprietary offset printing machines, bookbinders, etc. We take care of the ongoing replacement and upgrading of our mechanical equipment so that we are always ready to offer you top quality products, which also have international quality certification under ISO 9001.


Digital Printing Department

This department at Mytilineos SA is equipped with cutting-edge technology. With unparalleled quality that stands out from the rest, our digital printing does not only excel in quality, but also in the size and quantity we can handle. No job is too big for our ultra-modern digital printing machines. Just present us with a challenge and we will rise to the occasion.