Quality of Service


For Mytilineos SA, THE CUSTOMER IS EVERYTHING. It’s all about you! That’s why we like to welcome you to our extended family, looking beyond the conventions and formalities..


Personal Contact


Our sales department takes on the role of consultant for existing and new customers, explaining the possible solutions that could meet the demands of your individual company.


After Sales Support


Our collaboration does not end with the sale. The marketing and sales department is keen to keep in touch with you, and to use constructively the knowledge it gains through this interaction. With the help of satisfaction questionnaires, we strive to improve and benefit from your feedback, in the interest of building a sincere relationship based on trust.


Quality Certification ISO 9001



The professionalism and quality of Mytilineos SA has received international quality certification under ISO 9001, consolidating the company’s leading position in the graphic arts industry. The incorporation of ISO 9001 quality standards into the day-to-day operation of Mytilineos SA helps improve continuously the company’s production processes, thus achieving consistent quality in all its products and services.



  • Packaging Award 2019


In 2019 our company took part in the Packaging and Innovation Awards held in Athens and won the Bronze Award for the presentation package of Logic Electronic Cigarettes of our client, JTI.


  • 3 top awards at the Printing Awards 2020


Gold Award for Business Excellence, after 90 years of operation, the family of Mytilineos Prints SA managed to win, within the framework of the Printing Awards 2020, which took place in Athens in 2020. INTERGRAF with support bodies SYVIPIS, SEMEE, ELSET and FESPA HELLAS.


Specifically, our company presented, among other things, the publications:


  • Leisure Brochure & Wedding Brochure of Elite Resort of Capsis Hotels in Crete,
  • Philips Hellas Coffee Maker Consumer Form,
  • Jewelry Collection Form of ilias LALAoUNIS,
  • Volterra Company Presentation Form, member of J&P AVAX


And won the Gold Award for Business Excellence in graphic arts, printing and typography in the Brochure Printer of the Year category, Best Brochure Print of the Year for the above publications !!


We also won Gold in the Offset Printing Category, Best Catalog, presenting the Leisure Brochure of the Elite Resort of Capsis Hotels in Crete!


And finally, Silver won in the same category by presenting the Coffee Consumer Form of Philips Hellas!!

Our Work